Fuel Cms Upgrad

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How To Upgrade Fuel CMS old to Latest 1.0? with my own moduels


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    Try these steps:

    1. Copy your project folder into a new folder to merge.
    2. Use GIT and add add https://github.com/daylightstudio/FUEL-CMS.git as a remote repository.
    3. Pull the master branch into your project. You may need to resolve certain conflicts in your application directory, in particular, view files (e.g. _blocks/header.php, _blocks/footer.php) and some configs (e.g. routes, redirects).
    4. Load the fuel/install/upgrades/fuel_1.0_schema_changes.sql into MySQL

    In general, you could download a new copy from https://github.com/daylightstudio/FUEL-CMS/. Then copy over all your application specific views, models, libraries, configs, etc that are not specific to FUEL and run the schema changes update.
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