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I would like to know if you have any examples of how to use the RSS feed, I have found the sitemap_xml.php in the _layouts and rss_posts.php but am unable to figure out how you call them. I am using an a href on my home.php
image" />, would like to then load the feed once clicked.

Any assistance or a tutorial on this would be very helpful...I have used Dereck Allard's tutorial before but would like to figure out your FuelCMS method (link -

Any help is appreciated,Thanks again


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    A good place to look would be the blog. There is a feed controller in the blog module that calls Fuel_blog->feed_output() method (Fuel_blog is a library within the blog module). Derek's post is still relevant for FUEL by using a view and controller to display the feed and is how the blog module is doing it. For example, the link to FUEL's blog is:

    Also, there was an issue in the initial 0.92 release where the _layouts/sitemap_xml.php was actually an RSS layout and that has now been fixed (in case that is what you were seeing).
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    OK then, it's just a matter of calling the feed, I was expecting this whole complicated story, you have actually made this too easy for us! I tell you the more I work with FuelCMS, the more I love it...thanks again for all your assistance.
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    No problem... glad to help.
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