I Don't Want Anchor Tag On Item Using Menu Class

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Hello everyone.

I'm using the menu class to render my menu navigation for better control of each item. The only issue is that on one of the pages (or items), I want to keep the li tag but I don't want the anchor tag because it's the parent link and I don't want it clickable. I just want the sublinks to be active, not the parent link. But I want the parent link to still show.

Here's my script:

//menu navigation $nav = array(); $nav['home'] = array('label' => 'HOME', 'location' => '/'); $nav['about'] = 'ABOUT'; $nav['blog'] = 'BLOG'; $nav['artsjournals'] = array('label' => 'ARTSJOURNAL'); (THIS IS THE ONE I DON'T WANT THE ANCHOR TAG ON) $nav['artsjournals/submit'] = array('label' => 'Submit', 'parent_id' => 'artsjournals'); $nav['artsjournals/journals'] = array('label' => 'Journals', 'parent_id' => 'artsjournals'); $nav['gallery'] = 'GALLERY'; $nav['social'] = 'SOCIAL'; $nav['contact'] = 'CONTACT';

How can I do this?


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    Try setting this:
    $nav['artsjournals'] = array('label' => 'ARTSJOURNAL', 'location' => NULL);
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