Best means of adding javascript to specific CMS layouts in admin?

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For modules I can create JQX Controllers which can help with whatever inputs are in that module. But if I create a custom layout for regular CMS pages, what mechanism can I use to place scripts into such pages, so I can manipulate the custom fields? I noticed there is the js key for fields (as here), which is great for short scripts, and I suppose that could be used to inject js scripts from elsewhere into the page - but am I missing something more obvious?


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    There are a couple ways.

    The first would be to create a custom field type to handle it:
    I've found this method good for reusable form elements.

    For more one off elements, I use the "js" parameter on a field like you suggested. The value can be a string value to the name of a javascript file, or maybe easier for shorter scripts, you can just use the "script" tag as the value and then use simple jQuery like so:
    ...'js' => '<script>$(function(){ ... your custom code here })</script>', ...
    I tend to use this method a lot since I don't like creating separate javascript files to manage form element stuff for one of elements.
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    I used that method and at first I tried jQuery's getScript(), but that proved highly temperamental, so I used native js appendChild to add scripts instead and that worked flawlessly.

    I noticed also that there is $config['fuel_javascript'] in Fuel.php / My_Fuel too for more widespread stuff.
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    fuel_javascript is used for scripts on every page, whereas the custom_fields are only loaded when editing records.
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