Advanced Module Preview Path Fuel CMS 1.0

Is it possible to use other bits of query string in preview_path in fuel module config? I realise {slug} works but I would like to use other bits from common query of the module model it this is possible...

Thanks again for all your help!


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    Yes. You should be able to use any field value that is part of the normal find_ queries using _common_query.
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    Thanks Fuel Guru!

    I've tried {common_query_field_here} but it just appears as the actual text {common_query_field_here}. Any further ideas?
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    Are you using FUEL 0.93 or 1.0 beta? By default, FUEL does a "find_one_array" call to grab an array of data based on the current record being edited in the CMS. It then searches the preview_path using regular expression to match fields surrounded by {...}. So in your case what would be en example of a preview path and what would be an example of data that's returned from find_one_array?
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    Fuel 1.0 beta, ah ha, so if I define my own find_one_array in my model I can get it to return the data I need from joined tables? I will have a crack at that and let you know how I get on.

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