Porting Codeignitor based site to Fuel CMS

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Hi there, I've recently been tasked with a project that has me taking a website built using Code Ignitor version 1 and bringing it into the Fuel CMS environment. One of the things that I'm having a hard time with is locating the default controller that Fuel uses. I've managed to create custom templates and loading specific css files and images. Someone else told me I should just be able to copy the files from the Code Ignitor site into the folders that Fuel uses. But I think there's a lot more to it than that. Can anyone suggest a starting point?


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    routes.php in /application/config has the default controller configuration. You can point that to your CI controller of choice - if that is appropriate for you.

    Make sure MY_fuel.php has the appropriate "fuel_mode" - there are some comments there that will explain the options, this will determine if CMS pages are interrogated and served before views, for example.

    http://docs.getfuelcms.com is the best resource for v1 (assuming that is what you are using).
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    LOL, are you spying on me Gumster? I was just reading one of your posts. So I'll give this a go as it provides a place to start. Thanks much
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    Nope! Hope you get going - I thought your situation was interesting as all my Fuel projects are Fuel first (I need a CMS) then become 80% CI projects as I add simple modules, occasionally advanced ones (which use more Fuel specific features). You are doing things the other way around it seems!
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    Yeah this is by my boss's logic that I'm doing things this way. Personally I don't think what he imagines is going to happen.
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