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Fuel Model Query

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Hi, I seem to be getting a really random error(Unable to locate the file: blog_links_model.php) and can't seem to find the solution in the forum. When I use the following request in my footer on the Home and Blog page, it works fine, BUT(there's always a but),it seems to break the rest of my pages even if I import them as static pages or not. As soon as I import the Home and Blog Page then they also break, any suggestions on the problem...I have tried adding $vars['CI'] =& get_instance(); to the global.php, but no luck, I really want to figure this out instead of just calling direct from database...Many thanks

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<?php $posts = fuel_model('blog_posts', array('find' => 'all', 'limit' => 10, 'order' => 'sticky, date_added desc', 'module' => 'blog')) ?>
<?php if (!empty($posts)) : ?> <?php endif; ?>


<?php $links = fuel_model('blog_links', array('find' => 'all', 'module' => 'links')) ?>
<?php if (!empty($links)) : ?> <?php endif; ?>


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    For the module name parameter try "blog" instead of "links". Hopefully that does the trick. That's a reference to the module folder it belongs to.
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    Great, thanks for the assistance...
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