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Sitemap view file line number 31 in the repository is

<?php if (!empty($page['frequency'])) : ?><?=$page['frequency']?><?php else: ?><?=$default_frequency?><?php endif; ?>

should be:

<changefreq><?php if (!empty($page['frequency'])) : ?><?=$page['frequency']?><?php else: ?><?=$default_frequency?><?php endif; ?></changefreq>

Also, I understand the sitemap_xml.php view file, just comment in the route and its there an ready to go. As for the sitemap_xml.php layout file, I understand that you can use that in the admin to setup the sitemap.xml from there instead of in the routes file. The only issue I don't understand is it seems to be an rss feed instead of a sitemap xml file. Is that how its supposed to be? If so can you tell me what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for your response.


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    That is an error. There use to be an RSS layout and they got switched somehow. I've updated the repo with both the fixes. The sitemap layout uses a slightly different way to get the pages (there are a few ways to do it, depending on your site). Thanks for the report.
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