Integration with existing CI app

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I have an existing CI webapp that is extensively developed. Rather than have our team build a custom CMS and spend days doing so I wanted to try and integrate FUEL into our existing CI platform.

Is there a tutorial or some articles that would help me get this installed next to our existing code with minimal edits to our code?


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    There currently is no tutorial for integrating with existing applications, but depending on how far you've tweaked CI, it should be a matter of transferring your application files to the fuel/application directory. This is what I would recommend doing (if possible):
    1. Download the latest version from GitHub
    2. Transfer all controllers, view files, helpers, library, additional configs, routes, models etc to the fuel/application directory (like a normal CI application directory). If there are any extended classes or helpers, then you will need to include your extensions to the ones FUEL has added.
    3. Test your original site and get it working in the FUEL environment before diving into the CMS part. Controllers should work as normal. You will also be able to create views without a controller (
    4. Read through our Using FUEL CMS blog series (in particular parts 1-3):

    This should hopefully get you started but be sure to post back if you have questions (since others may have similar questions).
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