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Navigation parent select

edited February 2011 in Bug Reports
When I create new navigation item, i can't select parent, i need to save it first, then I can select parent item.


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    A few questions to help diagnose:
    1. What browser are you using?
    2. Do you mean no parents show up to select?
    3. Do you have the latest from the repo? There were some fixes I made last week regarding navigation so I want to be sure this is a new bug.
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    1. firefox version 3.6.13, checked in google chrome same.
    2. navigation/create/ in parent select, there wasn't showing any other navigation items, now, when I added more, there are showing about half of all items
    3. Download v0.9.2, 1-2 days ago. I don't know where to check commit number.
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    OK... I think I'm able to replicate the problem and will look into a fix shortly.
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    I believe I've fixed that issue and have updated the GitHub repo. The change made was to the fuel/modules/fuel/models/navigation_model.php file
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