adding fuel to an existing CI installation

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I have followed the rather straight forward process discussed earlier of just replacing the applications folder and its all crashing in me with the following errors.

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Use of undefined constant MODULES_PATH - assumed 'MODULES_PATH'

Filename: fuel/Loader.php

Line Number: 350

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare valid_email() (previously declared in D:\wamp\www\bslusers\fuel\codeigniter\helpers\email_helper.php:38) in D:\wamp\www\bslusers\fuel\application\helpers\validator_helper.php on line 106

Kindly shed some light on this.


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    The MODULES_PATH error seems like the fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_constants.php file isn't being included in the fuel/application/config/constants.php file. There are other files in the application folder that need to be there. Simply replacing the "application" directory isn't really recommend. Using the FUEL installations application directory and then moving over your controllers, models, libraries, views, and specific config files is what should be done instead. Upgrading the fuel/modules/fuel folder can usually be done by just replacing it (unless specific tweaks have been made in that folder).

    That valid_email error is probably happening because you are including the email_helper somewhere and it's being included before the validator library. I'll look into adding a fix to help prevent that error, but in the meantime, I'd just move the loading order to have Validator load first.
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    Awesome....Now ii have my app working inside the fuel folder...however, it seems to be running totally independent....How can i have them co-joined for the user roles permission to apply to my app? As in right now, fuel loads as usual but i can access my app if i call that specific if i type it in my browser. Works well as it was...but this seems like a different entity out of fuel has no idea there is even something running in it.
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    Followed your instructions of copying my app files into their respective folders in fuel. Done no coding. Just put the files in their right folders under the CI part of fuel...and probably just changing routes for css
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    Is it working for you OK?

    Think of FUEL as an extension of CI, meaning you can do everything you could do in in CI, but now you have a lot of extra functionality which includes a CMS (and other things) In the 1.0 beta, there is a "fuel" object you can access directly in your controller that exposes a lot of the fuel functionality.
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