Fresh Install Error 0.9.2

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load->module_view('fuel', '_blocks/fuel_footer_copyright', array(), TRUE) ?>

Ive tried to install a fresh copy of 0.9.2 and get the above displayed when using the following url to log into admin


It's the same with .htaccess in place too.

Viewing the source of the page reveals the views/login.php page code

Any ideas please?


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    Is this with a fresh database or an existing? If an existing, be sure to run the fuel/install/fuel_0.9.2_upgrade.sql file.

    Also, what platform are you running it on (MAMP, WAMP etc).
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    It's all fresh install and using XAMPP

    0.9.1 is working OK
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    Looks like the config in the default install didn't set rewrite_short_tags = TRUE; Change that and it should work. Thanks for the report.
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    Works perfect, thanks very much.
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