Custom Module AJAX/Posts are not working

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So, I'm creating a module called "Explore Pics"... it's going to be a module to manage pictures on the front page.

It is in a group called "JBProject"...
I've created a "JBPRoject" controller in the fuel/controllers area.. it is the same as tools...

I've created an ExplorePics module.. but when I try to post to explorepics/edit_gallery it get a 404... now.. i've also tried jbproject/explorepics/edit_gallery..

the only thing that I can get to work is jbproject/edit_gallery...

thank you


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    When you say an "ExplorePics" module, do you mean an advanced module in the fuel/modules/explorepics (be sure to use all lower case instead)? Or do you mean a simple module in your MY_fuel_modules.php file? Or do you mean you added a controller to the fuel/modules/fuel/controllers folder? If the latter, that is not recommended due to subsequent updates which may overwrite your changes.

    More on Advanced Modules here:
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    Advanced Module.

    Yes, it's lowercase in the class.

    Yes I added a class 'jbproject' to fuel/modules/fuel/controllers ...
    I did this to group the 'Advanced Modules' together...
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    I figured it out.. in the "explorepics.php" file.. I had it setup like this:
    $config['nav']['jbproject'] = array(
    'explorepics' => 'Explore Pictures'

    when it should have been:
    $config['nav']['jbproject'] = array(
    'jbproject/explorepics' => 'Explore Pictures'
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    It's still not working. I thought I had it fixed...

    All I want is an Advanced Module to work within a group of adv. modules... basically have it nested under a group just like seo is nested under tools..

    Something is wrong with my routes.. I get the group to show up on the nav.. The views come up.. Its just that my posts and ajax calls don't work. I get a 404 error.
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    What are your routes and what are the POST and AJAX call requests being made?
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    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'jbproject/explorepics'] = 'explorepics';
    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'jbproject/explorepics/(:any)'] = 'explorepics/$1';

    the ajax call or post request is in the explorepics.php which extends the Fuel_base_Controller ...

    function editgallery()
    echo "edit gallery";
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    What are the URL requests being made that are giving the 404 errors?
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    FORM POST: <?=fuel_url('jbproject/explorepics/editgallery'); ?>
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    So browsing to the following URL gives you a 404 (substitute localhost with your server)?

    Is your routes file being loaded (is it named fuel/modules/jbproject/config/jbproject_routes.php)?
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    No, I tried to copy the tool/seo pattern.. There wasn't a tool folder but I found a tools.php file in fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/tools.php

    jbproject is a controller in fuel/modules/fuel/controllers/jbproject.php

    My routes file is located:
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    jbproject doesn't need to do anything but list the submodules..
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    I would keep the fuel/modules/fuel/controllers directory untouched in case there are updates. Move your controller to the fuel/modules/explorepics/controllers/ folder and change the route to the following:
    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'jbproject/explorepics'] = 'explorepics/jbproject'; $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'jbproject/explorepics/(:any)'] = 'explorepics/jbproject/$1';
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    Hmm.. not working.. now jbproject doesn't work.. the only thing jbproject does is group the modules together.. there isn't a jbproject folder.. it's just explorepics.. so when I change it from 'explorepics' to 'explorepics/jbproject' or 'jbproject/explorepics' it doesn't bring anything up... however, leaving it at 'explorepics' works..
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    The path to the controller should be the advanced modules folder name "explorepics" then the controller name. So a controller located at fuel/modules/explorepics/controllers/jbproject, should have a non-routed path of "explorepics/jbproject/{method}".

    If you have a controller the same name as the advanced module folder, then you can access the controller at just "explorepics".

    I would first try and get those pages to show up by accessing them through the non-routed path. After that is done, I'd set up the routes.
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    I'm becoming more confused and having less results.

    #1.. JBProject only purpose is to group the submodules together like "tools" does for seo, page analysis, google keywords.. JBProject needs absolutely no functionality.. I duplicated the tools pattern where I saw "tools.php" in the /fuel/modules/fuel/controller/tools.php.. (This worked, the automatic submodules list were there.. but ajax/posts did not work)

    #2.. I'm sooooooo confused about why you would do this:
    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'jbproject/explorepics'] = 'explorepics/jbproject';
    as opposed to this
    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'jbproject/explorepics'] = 'jbproject/explorepics';

    #3 even if doing so.. how do I get it to automatically list all the submodules like it does when I drop the file in feul's controller folder???

    What I want is this to work


    but.. 404..

    btw.. JBProject is not the real name. I don't want my real projects name showing up in search engines...

    A simple demo example of an advanced module would make this so easy.. with the grouped sub modules.. and a simple echo response from a post..
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    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'jbproject/explorepics/(:any)'] = 'explorepics/$1';

    everything works but the methods.
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    I used "explorepics" simply because I thought that was the name of your advanced module folder that you set up (e.g. fuel/modules/explorepics). It could easily be "jbproject". To do that you'll need to change your module folder name to fuel/modules/jbproject and change the config names (config file, routes, constants), to use "jbproject" instead of "explorepics". The following explains that some:

    Then within the "fuel/modules/jbproject/controller" folder you'll need to setup a controller of "explorepics". The route would then be the following:
    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'jbproject/explorepics/(:any)'] = 'jbproject/explorepics/$1';
    The would allow you to access the "editgallery" method at "fuel/jbproject/explorepics/editgallery" using the route. Without the route, the path should be "jbproject/explorepics/editgallery"

    It looks like you may have this setup and it's not working?
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    well.. I fixed everything by doing this...

    In fuel/module/fuel/controller there is 'jbproject.php'... just a generic file that automatically groups the submodules together...

    $config['nav']['jbproject'] = array(
    'explorepics' => 'Explore Pictures',
    'hotelpackages' => 'Hotel Packages',
    'hmslider' => 'Home Page Slider'

    dropped the 'jbproject/explorepics'.. made it just 'explorepics'...

    I think the main problem was not doing this correctly
    $route[FUEL_ROUTE.'explorepics/(:any)'] = 'explorepics/$1';
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