I created a Lang class that extends the CI Core Lang class, do you want It ?

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I may have something to help you.

On a project with Codeigniter that needed translations I created an extension to the core CI Lang class that uses database to manage all translations strings.

In the same way that gettext does, it manages the context as well

And a simple helper can show the strings this way you can do __('string_to_translate !count', array('!count' => 3));

this will translate the string or show the default string (you can choose the default language)

And even if the strings are saved in the database, They're saved in a file as an array, so that on include, all strings are loaded, no need to load dozens of language files

Tell me if you're interested in such a tool, I created all interfaces too to manage all these strings.

I would be happy to share them but don't have much time to write the code these times.


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    That sounds interesting. Feel free to email me the code (email address is in forum profile) and we'll consider it.
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