Create an article for 2 categories


I'm actually working on a module where an entry A can be linked to 2 differents entries, like 2 categories for 1 article

Is it first possible to do that (about categories and articles) without tricking the model ?

Thanks for answer


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    Are you using 1.0 beta or the 0.93 master branch?

    On 1.0, there is a has_many model property that can be used in which you can make multiple many to may associations. 1.0 also has a built in categories and tags module you can use (categories being more for foreign keys and tags being more for many to many relationships). There is more info on the relationship additions to 1.0 in the updated 1.0 user guide:
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    I'm using the 0.93 master branch

    I'll check the 1.0 version, but I maybe found the correct way to do that, create a loop in a before_save method and add entries to my database
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