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busy putting the finishing touches on a set of modules within Fuel, but before I push it to a live server, I'd like to reduce the page size of the edit/create page. The database table I created the module to edit currently has about 1200 records in it, and in the header of create/edit page is a handy drop down titled "Select Another" - which of course contains all 1200 records. While this is handy in places like pages, for my module it makes the edit pages quite large to load. I've located the code in fuel/modules/views/_blocks/module_create_edit_actions.php and it's a simple matter to comment out the PHP code generating the list. Is there a way of disabling that on a per-module basis? I'd like to retain the functionality for some modules, and commenting out the code removes it for all modules.



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    The fuel/modules/fuel/models/base_module_model.php file has a get_others() method that your models inherit which you can overwrite in your own model. That's what's used to generate that dropdown list.
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    thanks, that's great. It's removed the versions dropdown as well, but that's not an issue right now - will poke at that with a stick at a future date!
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    Hmm. Those two dropdowns should be unrelated. The versions dropdown doesn't show up if there are know archived versions, and perhaps maybe that's what you are seeing?
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