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I already have a website entirely built in CodeIgniter. As I discovered Fuel after my site was built, I'm now only interesting in using Fuel for blogging on my site, I find Fuel really awesome and easy to learn. Basically in my home page I want to add a link to my top navigation bar which will take me to my blog section. Once in the blog section, my program will use Fuel CMS and not CI. My doubts are about how to integrate Fuel with my site so that I can switch from Fuel and CI (leaving my CI site INTACT) back and forth. Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction as to how to go about it? Thanks a lot.


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    The index.php bootstrap file is what is used to determine which application folder to use. I'd recommend using the FUEL index.php bootstrap as the starting point (since it contains a couple things specific to FUEL). From within the index.php file, add some logic specifying which application directory to use and then set the $application_folder variable to use either yours or FUEL's. You could perhaps use the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] or $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] variables to determine the URI. Does that make sense?
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    Hello admin,

    Thanks a lot, I'm working on a nice logic block but yes, that did the trick :)
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