Assets zip upload

edited June 2013 in News & Announcements
I am new to Fuel CMS and having to work with assets. I am coming from a background of more of the 'advanced modules' kinda setup but having to work with the smiple modules setup. I have the follwing set in the form_fields function:

$fields['game_data'] = array('type' => 'asset', 'folder' => 'games', 'accept' => 'zip', 'order' => 7, 'comment' => 'You can select a game folder or upload a new game via a zip file here.');

However, when trying to upload a zip file, I get an error. If I keep trying, it eventually works. Not sure what is going on and working on an existing setup. It shows an error box at the top of the assets popup but no error message.
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