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Now, you can often find us in the IRC channel #fuelcms (thanks outlabl) for those issues that may need more then a forum post:


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    There seems to be some issues with someone hijacking the channel?... not sure (this is new to me). If anyone has any suggestions let me know.
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    I've been idling in the channel... certainly not hijacking it. If you'd like to chat, leave me a message on IRC. I'm always online (as you may have noticed).
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    Thanks for the update and I apologize for saying someone hijacked it. Whenever I try to correspond though I get this message "Can't send to room "#fuelcms" on 'irc.freenode.net'" in my chat client now and I think others are having trouble. And I wasn't having that issue before. It still prints it to the screen like the message goes through but I don't think anyone sees it. Do you know what may be causing that? I just sent a message at 8:34 PST... did you see it?
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    I'm getting the following error when doing it through the webchat link above "cannot send to channel". Googling brings up the following:

    "On a moderated channel, only channel operators can talk publicly, others can only listen and will get "cannot send to channel" errors if they try to talk. The exception is if you are given a voice (+v). Moderated mode is useful for conferencing or keeping control over very busy channels."

    Is this our issue?
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    The IRC #fuelcms should be back in business. Thanks Stoph for the help on getting it back online.
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    Still works...
    Is there a time when people like to congregate ?
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    The forum seems to be the best bet at the moment for getting questions answered. The IRC channel hasn't really seen any activity that I know of in a while.
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