fuelimage plugin and CKEditor

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Is it possible to force absolute urls with this plugin, or pre-configure it to open a particular assets folder?


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    The img_path functions 3rd parameter if set to TRUE will make the paths absolute. With regards to opening a particular sub image folder, that is not currently supported from within CKEditor or markItUp.
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    Actually, I was able to figure out an easy way to do that and have posted an update. If you pass an img_folder parameter to your field, it will look in that image subfolder (e.g. "blog")
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    I got the update plugin file, copied it into my project, and in the model's form_fields() method I added:

    $fields['content']['img_folder'] ='mypath';

    but it doesn't seem to have had an effect?

    I tried it with a fresh checkout of FUEL though and it works with either CK or markitup, so I guess I need to do some merging.

    With regard to the absolute urls - I mean the PHP shortcodes ({img_path()}) that are inserted by the plugin. Could these be made to use an absolute url?

    I'm in that situation where one is trying to create a WYSIWYG that creates material for a newsletter, so the content must be absolute.

    I tried using CKEditor's suggested solution, and in MY_fuel.php added baseHref to the $config['ck_editor_settings'] array, but again, without any effect.
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    Is the folder writable? If not, it will default to the images folder. With regards to the img_path function, right now, you'll need to manually enter it in in the source view mode like so:
    {img_path('my_img', null, 1)}
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    I'm thinking of admitting defeat on using CKEditor for a newsletter WYSIWYG, since the disconnect from the full HTML DOM to the one you need to use for email clients is too big a gap to bridge. So...

    Is it possible to configure markitup only for a given module, but keep CKEditor elsewhere?
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    It isn't something that can be controlled at the module level but you can add the "class" => "markitup" or "class" => "wysiwyg" on individual fields to toggle between the different editors.
    $fields['content']['class'] ='markitup';
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    Was the folder not being writable part of the problem with it not selecting that specific image folder?
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    Sorry - didn't get back to you about the folder.

    I've written files to the specified folder (using the fuelimage upload), so that's not the issue. Preselection works fine with a new install of Fuel (obviously!) but not with the current project, but stupidly, I haven't set up SVN to be able to sideload Git imports, so the project isn't wholly up to date, maybe that's the problem.
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