a Fatal error: Dwoo_Security_Exception

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Fatal error: Cannot access protected property Dwoo_Security_Exception::$message in /home/scararoshinto/volimribu.com/fuel/application/libraries/MY_Parser.php on line 235

But this is the code at 235:
catch (Exception $e)

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? Thanks.


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    That is a bug. That should have been fixed (and is in the 0.91 branch), but wasn't. The correct code is the following in the catch block:
    if (strtolower(get_class($e)) == 'dwoo_exception') { echo ('<div class="error">'.$e->getMessage().'</div>'); } else { show_error($e->getMessage()); }

    I've updated the repo with the fix.
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