Making folders writable

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I received a question regarding making folders writable and figured I'd post some helpful links if anyone else had a similar question:





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    In the same vein.. The install notes on .91 say to make the "/fuel/codeigniter/cache/dwoo/compiled" directory write-able.

    I found I have to make the dwoo directory (so one up) writable otherwise error city.. On OSX 10.5.8/xampp and OSX 10.6.x/Apple install
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    Thanks Lance. I've updated the install directions to include that folder as well.
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    And if you are using Ubuntu, this is it.
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    So.... does this need to be 777 or can it be 766?
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    I think that may depend on your server/user setup for 766 permissions working.
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    standard setup is to chown the directories to the user the webserver runs under, and set permissions to 755

    777 is almost always a bad idea for a directory accessible through the webserver, as soon as someone finds (for instance) a sql injection loophole, you'll have unwanted visitors on your server
  • I'm having a problem with file ownership when writing to an assets folder subdirectory. In my case, fuel is accessing my server as 501:admin (user group). I've created the subdirectory assets/gallery_images, and given it 501:admin ownership, and 777 permissions. However, when I save to this directory (using the simpleimage image processing class) the file is given www-data ownership, essentially locking fuel out from further interactions with the file... Any thoughts here are appreciated...
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