Problem installing FuelCMS in hosting

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Good afternoon.

I'm starting with localhost FuelCMS me is that it works perfect. But to install it on the hosting. Both the. Htaccess trying to put the? removing. htaccess and index.php by adding if my hosting does not take proper mod_rewrite any means get the same result as in localhost.

It does not load in hosting index.php is cut completely in css and no more loading can see the example that I have installed now They can try to view the source code on their forehead and see what happens to us. In other hosting suits us but now we have this bug and do not know where to put hand. Thanks for any help or consultation will be well received.

Greetings to all


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    Sorry I don't understand the problem.

    I logged into the FUEL install with the link you provided, created a home and about page. All seems to be working on the link you provided.
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