How to Assign same View to different Page or assign View to a Subsite?

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Hello dear Coders, Fuel CMS Users and Daylight Developers

First of all I'd like to thank the developers for creating such a wonderful CMS! I've only started using FUEL recently, but it's wonderful and Code Igniter does so much work for you. I'm a software developer in training and this really helped me to code much faster and use less code.
So, although I think this question might have been asked already and I'm sorry if I this is the case and I'm just filling your database with a question, which has already been solved, I need help regarding View-Managing.

If it's single sites ( I don't have any problem assigning a view. But I haven't gotten the hang on how to add a view to a subsite or use the same view for it, which I used for the parentsite. (
Because of the page having a Slash in it's name (location) I can't upload a File with the same name, so it's impossible for me to add a view to those subsides with the method I've been using since.
How can I solve this problem? Do I have to add a special character to my PHP-Files name, so it get's recognized as a slash, or, again, could I just use the same view I used in the parentsite (example-com/site <--) for the subside (

Thank you very much for your help!
I would appreciate a fast answer, as I need the solution to complete a project at work!

Best Regards

Edit: I'm sorry if I posted this discussion in the false theme.


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    It sounds like you are wanting to have multiple websites with a single installation? If so, FUEL does not really support that unless you setup a completely different application directory and database for each site.

    The view locations correlate to the URI path. For example, a page at site/subsite/my_page would have a view location of fuel/application/views/site/subsite/my_page.php.
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