PyroCMS moving to Laravel

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Came across this article when surfing today:

When I originally adopted FuelCMS for my web projects where I currently work, I took a deep look at PyroCMS to compare. At the time I found the documentation very underdeveloped and the architecture was a bit more confusing than Fuel to me. I still am glad at my decision to go with FuelCMS, for it has met and exceeded my needs.

I do wonder, however, based on reading the above and other articles on the net about people moving away from CI for one reason or another, and thought I would inquire to you guys at Daylight whether you have thought about this as well?



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    Thanks for sharing. We have thought about it and it is something we will continue to evaluate. It would be a massive undertaking and wouldn't happen quickly but does sound intriguing.
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    I love Fuel and think its code is much more futuristic than CodeIgniter's. It's nice to see development continue and more ruby-esque methods such as has_many and belongs_to incorporated.
    As you probably know, Ellislab has announced that they are seeking a new owner for CodeIgniter, and I see it becoming outdated.
    Do you have any plans to covert FuelCMS to laravel?
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    It is something we have thought about and continue to assess, but at this particular time, we have not made any solid plans to do so. The task would be a massive undertaking in which we currently don't have the resources at this time to take on unfortunately. Also, I still personally feel that although CodeIgniter's future seems a little shaky, in it's current form, it is an easier framework to use and makes a great fit for what FUEL CMS needs.
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