File Name not being saved

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I'm having difficulty with one (of many) models -- not sure why and wondering if you may have any thoughts

File upload
--- does upload the file and to the correct place
--- does not result in the file name being saved in the database (field InfoSheet_pdf)

In my model ..
$upload_path = assets_server_path('userfiles/pdf/conference/Conference'.$conf_year, 'pdf'); #$fields['InfoSheet_pdf'] = array('type' => 'file', 'accept' => 'pdf','upload_path' => $upload_path, 'overwrite' => TRUE); $fields['InfoSheet_pdf'] = array('description' => 'PDF File', 'class' => 'asset_select userfiles/pdf/conference/Conference'.$conf_year); $fields['InfoSheet_pdf_upload'] = array('label' => '... OR upload a pdf file','type' => 'file', 'filename' => 'fieldtrip_{MapSymbol}', 'accept' => 'pdf','upload_path' => $upload_path, 'overwrite' => TRUE);

I was trying the simple upload first (now commented out) and then decided to see if adding the "_upload" field might help (it does not). It does at least let one fill in the InfoSheet_pdf field on a second pass through.

I've explicitly added pdf files to the upload directory -- though the file was being uploaded without it -- no change
I've tried making the field name all lower case -- no change.
No issues with any other model that uploads files.



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