showing block in a page created through the admin.

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Is it possible to have a block included on a page created in the admin? I keep getting this error and not sure why it's causing it.

Severity: 4096

Message: Object of class Dwoo could not be converted to string

Filename: compiled/9a1d1ec1499b52a1a2d91b8119df6283.d17.php

Line Number: 116

when the page was imported it changed to the parsing syntax... {fuel_block("disclaimer")} but i still get that error. Any ideas?


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    Blocks should work with the syntax you provided in pages created in the admin. Did you originally have the page as a static view file and then import it and if so, did it work OK as the static file? Also, is the block a static view file or is it also imported into the admin?
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    sorry I should of put that in there before. Yes, they were both static view files that were imported into the admin, and it worked fine before they were imported. It's just when I import the page that i get the error.
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    Not sure at the moment. Any chance you could email me the view files to test out locally and maybe even that compiled Dwoo template file? My email address is under my profile page.
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    I got your files and am checking them out... will get back to you.
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    Ok... that took longer then I’d hoped... the fix appears to be to download the latest version of Dwoo from:

    And replace it in your libraries folder.

    The next version 0.93 will include the latest version of both CI and Dwoo (as well as some better language support).
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    Actually, I just pushed the Dwoo fix to the repo for both branches if you'd rather download it there.
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    Do you have any idea when version 0.93 will be released?
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    Great! Everything's working now after replacing the Dwoo folder with the updated one.

    Thanks for all your help!
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    I'm hoping to have a release in the next couple weeks.
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