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Hello Friends,
This is the first day for me in FUEL CMS. I am told to develop a Job Portal Application in this CMS, which is very much new to me. Can anyone help me in suggesting some information about:

1) Where to start? A good tutorial
2) Where can I find Extentions/ Modules such as Payment
3) Will it be feasible to develop a Job Portal like

Thanks in Advance
Dushyant Joshi


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    I think the best place to start for anyone new to FUEL is with becoming familiar with CodeIgniter. FUEL is built on top of CodeIgniter and augments it's functionality more then changes it. This means that you can use your normal MVC outside of FUEL just like you would with a normal CodeIgniter installation:

    There were some tutorials created a while ago when FUEL first came out that give a good overview. A lot has changed and been improved but much of it is still relevant:

    Additionally, if you are just starting out, I would start from the 1.0 beta branch. It's still being developed but has a ton of bug fixes and features that the master branch (0.93) does not. There is an updated User Guide that should be installed in the fuel/modules/user_guide folder in your FUEL installation:
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    Thanks a lot. This would be very informative for me.
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