Have not been able to pass the "Getting Started" page

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I have installed fuelcms on my computer on xampp, I have no url rewrite, I have installed in in a folder named 'fuelcms'
I was able to login as admin and create a couple of pages and a block but I was not able to have them show on the frontpage.
I'm sure I'm missing something but I don't understand what.


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    A couple questions for you to help debug:

    1. Which branch did you download from (master or 0.91)
    2. Are you using fuel_block() to merge in the block in your layout or view files?
    3. What are you currently seeing in your frontpage (assuming frontpage = homepage)?
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    1) I am using the master
    2) I believe that view... I just created 2 simple pages and a block and expected to see them on the homepage after they are published.
    3) I see the getting started instructions with how to set the write permissions on 'cache'... and how to access the admin area.

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    Did you create the page in the FUEL admin or did you create a static view file in the fuel/application/views/ folder?

    If you created it view the admin, you should be able to browse to that page's URI location that was set in the admin (e.g. "about" = http://localhost/about).

    Alternatively if you created a static view file at fuel/applications/views/about.php, then you can view that page at the same location as above (the page in the CMS will take precedence if both are created).

    With regards to blocks, they must be inserted into the page for them to appear using the fuel_block() function.

    I may also suggest trying out the 0.91 branch which is based on CI 2 but has a working website for you to see:

    The following is a link to our blog series that uses the 0.91 branch and walks through it with a little more detail if you haven't seen it yet and are interested.
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