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Security Header Is Not Valid

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While trying to make a paypal DoDirectPayment request from within my controller, I am encountering the error mentioned below which is security header is not valid. But with the same code I am able to get a successfully completed response while doing it outside the codeigniter environment. Please let me know is there any consideration for making a CURL request from the codeigniter environment?

DoDirectPayment failed: Array ( [TIMESTAMP] => 2012%2d11%2d07T09%3a37%3a46Z [CORRELATIONID] => 776aff3b96474 [ACK] => Failure [VERSION] => 51%2e0 [BUILD] => 4137385 [L_ERRORCODE0] => 10002 [L_SHORTMESSAGE0] => Security%20error [L_LONGMESSAGE0] => Security%20header%20is%20not%20valid [L_SEVERITYCODE0] => Error )


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    I figured out what's the problem. It was the environment issue. I changed to sandbox and it works now.
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