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Is the demo site (from the demo branch on github) up-to-date with the 1.0 branch? (am I missing an 'upgrade' post somewhere?)

I cloned the github repo, did a checkout of 1.0 branch and installed FUEL, and verified all was working properly, including the admin, once I realized there was an additional SQL file to upgrade the data_model.

But, I've had two issues trying to get the Demo site to work with it. (I simply moved the appropriate application files from the demo branch into the v1.0 fuel install (views, assets, controllers))

Specifically right now I'm using the Contact Form as a starting point to get familiar with the various custom form field types available from form builder.

Using the example code from the 1.0 User Guide Forms page I am observing a number of Javascript errors (primarily related to the wysiwyg editor class):

1. custom_fields.js:67 -- Object has no method 'getModule'

I observed that 'global.js' was not loaded anywhere, so, I added it to the js array in custom_fields.php ....

2. custom_fields.js:268 -- Uncaught ReferenceError: jqx is not defined


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    The demo site is not up to date in the repo. We have been working on an updated version of the demo site to use more of the 1.0 features but have not added it to the repo.
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    Easy enough to change out the controllers etc ... but what about the JS error messages when using the custom form types? (Unrelated to the demo, just trying to use the custom form types on the front end)
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    Thanks for the heads up. Those javascript errors happen because the form is generated outside of the context of the CMS and many of the custom field types that are built in rely on some jQX configuration path variables (jQX is under the javascript section in the user guide). To see the fields without errors, I would recommend creating a simple model and adding the fields to the form_fields method of the model.
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    Has the demo site been updated for 1.0 yet?
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    Unfortunately not yet.
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