Image with same name overwritten in sub-folders
  • Hi Admin,

    I have 2 images like below:


    When I overwrite an image with same name in /images/about_us/mobile folder, the image inside /images/about_us/ gets updated as well with the current uploaded image. Same is the case when I try vice-versa. Each time the latest uploaded image gets reflected in both the uploaded fields.

    I have noted this issue from the master assets upload section and from the page section as well.

  • Are you uploading directly from the Assets module or using a form within a module and if so what does your form field look like for the upload?
  • Hi Admin,

    I have got this issue from asset module and right now I trying to upload from the page.
    Here is the code for the page block.

    $config['blocks']['sub_about_menu'] = array(
    'fields' => array(
    /*Some fields*/
    'background_image' => array('type' => 'file','label' => lang('layout_field_backgroundbanner')),
    'backgroundmob_image' => array('type' => 'file','label' => lang('layout_field_backgroundmobbanner')),
    /*Some More fields*/

    This block is added onto a page.
  • Is your process that you go to the Assets module, and upload one image at a time and selecting the folder from the dropdown?
  • Yes, I go to the asset module, select image and select folder location each time.

    Also, similarly I go to the file upload field in my custom created page and select file and select folder. The page has the block attached, as shown above.

  • Hmm... I wasn't able to replicate that issue exactly, however, I did notice that the $_GET parameters were taking precedence over some of the $_POST parameters on save. I've reversed that and pushed a change to the develop branch to see if that fixes your issue.
  • I have pulled the code and will check if the issue is sorted.

  • I have shared the video with you of the current behavior in a PVT conversation.

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