Custom controller is not reachable

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Hi i have some issue i am using fuel with views only and i got my vars in global file and nav but for some unknow reason i can not reach my custom controllers i have 2 controllers called 1.-- Contacto 2.- Prueba now i'm trying to reach them via url and all the other views that use the opt-in Controller are fine and i'm able to see with the respective url. What am i doing wrong about the custom controllers?

this is my second controller Prueba

<?php class Prueba extends CI_Controller { function Prueba() { parent::__construct(); } public function index() { $vars = array('page_title' => 'Lista de pruebas'); ... // other code $this->fuel->pages->render('prueba/listas', $vars); } }
The other one is very similar with this one.

thanks in advance.


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    i found my mistake.

    my controller file was named Prueba.php i renamed to prueba.php and it works correctly,

    noob error, anyway thanks :)
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