how to make custom breadcrumb

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Hi im trying to make a custom breadcrumb for a product catalog but i couldn't make it can somebody give me an example how to make it?

thanks in advance....


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    by the way all the breadcrumb build process should be in the controller
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    The most basic example is the following:
    echo fuel_nav(array('render_type' => 'breadcrumb'));

    If you are dynamically building the menu then you'll need probably need to pull in the products and categories which can be done on particular layout pages or in the views/_variables/nav.php file. You can add the following to that file:
    $products = fuel_model('products'); foreach($products as $product) { $nav['products/'.$product->slug] = array('label' => $product->name, 'parent_id' => 'products'); }
    Or you can use the "append" parameter:
    foreach($products as $product) { $append['products/'.$product->slug] = array('label' => $product->name, 'parent_id' => 'products'); } echo fuel_nav(array('render_type' => 'breadcrumb', 'append' => $append));
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