How to create new views in the CMS

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I'm playing around with the CMS and trying to create new views from it. I created a new page called test/testing, added a bit of text in it and saved. The database updated correctly with the values I entered. However, if I go to, I get these errors:

"A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice
Message: Undefined offset: 1
Filename: core/Router.php
Line Number: 93

An Error Was Encountered
Unable to load your default controller. Please make sure the controller specified in your Routes.php file is valid."

The site works perfectly fine when I load views that I physically created before adding the CMS in. Is it possible to create new content from the CMS without adding a physical view file first?


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    Yes. You don't need a view file to display a page and vice versa. Pages with the same location as a view take precedence though. Have you by chance changed the value of the 404_override in the routes.php file?
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    Yes, I did change the 404_override. I just tried changing it back to the original 'fuel/page_router' and it works well now. I didn't know it used the 404 setting to grab the pages from the DB.

    Now, I have a template that I use in my physical view files, is there an easy way to import that into fuel so I can use the same styling on my pages generated from the DB?
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    OK, I seem to have it figured out. Looks like I'm all set for now. Thanks!
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