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How to iterate "object" from $this->profiles_model->find_one()

I want to get the array from $this->profiles_model->find_one() to have any record from profiles_model to take keys for the form. When I use foreach with this it doesn't iterate. I have checked that with gettype($any_record) and the result is "object". I can easily echo this object like a string (prints that it is an array, but it is not) or echo its nodes with echo $any_records->birth_date what returns correct values. But I want to iterate its nodes.
Even if I set the $return_method argument as "array" it doesn't return an array, but an "object" as above.
How to iterate that?


  • find_one() will return a single database record based on your $where criteria. By default it should be an array of nodes - each node being a database field.
    To iterate the nodes:
    foreach ($array as $key => $val) {
    echo "$key => $val \n";

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    I found that if you call find_one() function in the view file - then above problem appears.
    I believe that this function should be called in the controller.

  • Did you try find_one_array()?

  • Yes, but now inside the view files I'm using $object = fuel_model('module_name', 'one', array('id' => $some_id), 'precedence asc');
    This works fine.

  • You can also try $object->values() which will return an array of properties and values

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