Upload Assets to Amazon S3
  • I'm new to FUEL, but have been working with Wordpress for a few years. I've frequently configured Wordpress installs (via plugin) to upload images to Amazon S3 (ultimately Amazon CloudFront). For a medium sized business website with international customers pageload performance is drastically improved by using a CDN.

    Is this something that can be done in FUEL, or is potentially in the works?

    If it's something that would need to be implemented at the application level can someone provide a quick overview on how best to implement this? I've searched in the forums for this and haven't turned up any results yet. Appreciate any advice others have.
  • FUEL does not have anything out of the box unfortunately.

    If you are comfortable with the CodeIgniter framework, you could perhaps create an "advanced module" in FUEL, and use a library like the one below to help you upload the files. Think of advanced modules as simply another "application" directory with their own controllers, libraries, helpers, views, etc.:

    Also, if you are new to FUEL, I'd recommend the 1.0 beta branch which has a slew of new features and fixes:
  • I know this post is ages old...but I wanted to see if there was ever either A) an update to fuel that allows uploading assets to S3, or if you guys knew of anyone that was able to get it working. Thanks!
  • Unfortunately, there is not anything built into FUEL nor have I heard of anyone doing it (not that it couldn't be done). The class that handles the uploading is the Fuel_assets class and would most likely need to be modified:
  • Maybe a wrapper around: http://flysystem.thephpleague.com/api/ with an Amazon S3 adaptor: http://flysystem.thephpleague.com/adapter/aws-s3-v3/ could be used as an extension to the assets module maybe. Or a simple interface for just for carrying out CRUD operations using the API. I know Laravel has something like this readily available via Composer. The same could be done with CodeIgniter.

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