• I am trying to move our site from FuelCMS V 0.93 to V 1.4x. I will need some filemanager, and I'm looking at a very new one that is getting positive reviews, but the only general installation instructions are for adding it into a Drupal ckeditor installation.

    I'm wondering if anyone has installed this into Fuel 1.4. I understand the file structure, but I do not understand the js plugins that are being used by Fuel. If I leave them in, I get Fuel's file manager. If I go back to the ckeditor ones, I get no image or link button in the editor. I am not getting an js errors, but it is quite possible that it is not even finding the javascript.

    If anyone has successfully install this file manager, I'd love to verify what I need to do.
    1. Directory where you installed it (I assumed at the same level as "assets" and "fuel"
    2. Relative paths to the assets folder (I assumed ../assets and ../thumbs)
    3. If you had to change the FuelCMS plugins for CKeditor
    4. Verification of the editor configuration settings ... I have been working the following:

    $fmPath = '/filemanager/dialog.php?type=2&editor=ckeditor&relative_url=1&fldr=';
    $config['ckeditor']['default'] = array(
    'toolbar' => array(
    array('Bold', 'Italic', 'Strike'),
    array('FUELImage', 'HorizontalRule'),
    array('NumberedList', 'BulletedList'),
    array('FUELLink', 'FUELUnlink'),
    array('Undo', 'Redo', 'RemoveFormat'),
    array('PasteFromWord', 'PasteText'),
    'contentsCss' => WEB_PATH.'assets/css/main.css',
    'htmlEncodeOutput' => FALSE,
    'entities' => FALSE,
    'bodyClass' => 'ckeditor',
    /*'protectedSource' => array('/\{fuel_\w+\(.+\)\}/g', '/<\?[\s\S]*?\?>/g'), */
    'toolbarCanCollapse' => FALSE,
    /* 'extraPlugins' => 'fuellink,fuelimage', */
    /* 'removePlugins' => 'link,image', */
    'allowedContent' => TRUE,
    // 'previewParserPath' => fuel_url('preview'),
    'filebrowserImageBrowseUrl' => $fmPath,
    'filebrowserImageBrowseLinkUrl' => $fmPath,
    'filebrowserUploadUrl' => $fmPath,

    And the internal filemanager settings are

    'upload_dir' => '/assets/userfiles/',
    | relative path from filemanager folder to upload folder
    | with final /
    'current_path' => '../assets/userfiles/',

    | relative path from filemanager folder to thumbs folder
    | with final /
    | DO NOT put inside upload folder
    'thumbs_base_path' => '../assets/thumbs/',

    Thank you in advance
  • What filemanager are you referring to?
  • The name is Responsive Filemanager

  • I integrated CKFinder into Fuel to replace the default Assets plugin some time ago.
    The repo is a bit out of date and I think v1.4 breaks it out of the box, but it's easy to fix.
  • Thanks. I will check that out. I'm guessing that it will help whichever file finder I go to.
    The only issue I have with CKfinder is that they want an annual fee for it (we are using the old one with 0.93, and it works). It does look like their pricing may have become more friendly, so if this gets it done more easily, I'll likely go for it.

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