Not able to Process form in Forms module
  • I have a contact form , which has been developed using forms module in fuel CMS .

    Whenever i'm submitting the form its navigating to /forms/process/contact with 404 Exception Page not found .

    Please help me resolving this ASAP.

    Note : same functionality is working in localhost , but issue arise on move it to godaddy server
  • Usually if I hear of 404s on external servers but working local, it has to do with a file casing issue. CI 3 requires Controllers, Models and Libraries to have their file names first letter uppercased. If you are on a Mac, it is case insensitive but on other unix environments it's not. Is the fuel/modules/forms/controllers/Forms.php file name upper cased?
  • Yes, Files is in Uppercase. Please guide me how to fix this issue ?
  • Do you have a form created that has a slug value of "contact"? You can debug in the fuel/modules/forms/controllers/Forms.php file first to see if it is even making it to that controller.

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