Controller not working
  • hi i like to ask . im trying to use the controller like in codeigniter .. but in the hosting site.. the controller doesnt work . but in my local it work. is there a configuration should i do in the hosting
  • What do you mean by it doesn't work? Is the controller's first letter of the file name capitalized?
  • no ,, its not capitalize. i think the controller doesnt recognize on the controller. what i did i do an inline coding in the page for temporary solutions. but i want to use the controller
  • Is there a specified route in the routes.php file for this Controller?
  • Seem like you are not removing index.php from your URLs.
  • hi admin, sorry its ok now. i follow the suggestion you made the capitlized thingy its working now.

    i have new question:
    how can i get the global var in the controller.

  • To get the variables for a page including global variables you can use pagevars:
  • Thanks admin

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