Can I use TinyMCE as CKEditor plugins are hit and miss?
  • So, I have tried installing plugins into CKEditor like Justify and plugins to change font colour but they're not working. The only one I've successfully made work is the Bootstrap Grid plugin. Is there any way I can either fix the plugins or just use something better like TinyMCE?
  • Can't help with TinyMCE

    CKEditor is pretty rock solid though. What sort of problems are you having? Have you tried any debugging? (the Justify plugin should be fine, it works perfectly for me). Are you sure you've downloaded the correct version of the plugin for the Fuel version of CKEditor?
  • As far as i am aware i've downloaded the right version, 4.5.11 or something i think.

    It just won't load and i'm not entirely sure why :/

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