How to display two columns in a has_many relationship multifield ?
  • Hello,
    i try to display two columns in a supercomboselect : only the first column after id in the table is visible ?

    i.e. i try to display first_name and name of guests in my simple module 'events'.

    thks for an idea or a clue.
  • forget my question. sorry.
    i found : i ve override options_list function in my foreign table model :

    public function options_list($key = NULL, $val = NULL, $where = array(), $order = TRUE)

    $this->db->order_by($this->table_name . '.name', 'asc');
    $this->db->select($this->table_name . '.id,' . $this->table_name . '.name,' . $this->table_name . '.first_name', FALSE);

    if (!empty($where)) {
    $query = $this->db->get($this->table_name);
    if (!empty($query)) {
    $results = $query->result_assoc_array('id');
    $returns = array();
    foreach ($results as $k => $val) {
    $returns[$k] = $val['name'] . ' ' . $val['first_name'];
    return $returns;
    return FALSE;

    everything seems to be ok.

    have a nice day.

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