page type in advance module
  • is it possible to create a page controller like the one in fuel in separate advanced modules to control content of anything in the module. Reason for asking as i need to create two websites within one website so i thought i would go down the advance module route for each website to appear in the module folder. The other problem i have got is sometimes they want the same content on each site but they would like the option so it puts it in both sites at once. Any suggestions and is the above possible
  • Can anyone give me any ideas answers to the above as this seems to be being ignored
  • Sorry... I thought I responded to this. Have you checked out the Blog Advanced module?

    If you have a controller named the same as your advanced module (but upper case), it will automatically be used for any requests to /{my_module}. If you need a CMS controller, a controller named {my_module}_module.php will automatically be used as showcased in the Search module:

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