< ! --__FUEL_MARKER__4-- > Appended HTML along with the page variable value using fuel_var function
  • Hello Admin,

    I have introduced a variable namely page_active_top_menu in the home.php file inside views/_variables folder.

    $vars['page_active_top_menu'] = 'home';

    In the home.php view file, I have passed the variable in a block using the below code

    <?php $this->load->view('_blocks/menu/top_menu.php', array('active_menu' => fuel_var('page_active_top_menu')))?>

    When I am trying to access the variable in the top_menu.php file, when I var_dump($active_menu) I get
    '< ! --__FUEL_MARKER__4-- >home'.
    I should only be getting 'home' as the variable value. I have tried var_dump on fuel_var('page_active_top_menu') in home.php view page as well but still the same result.

    Can you please suggest what is causing the issue, or I have missed out on something.

  • < ! --__FUEL_MARKER__4-- > There is no space in the generated/displayed HTML. I added the space as the text was not displaying(due to HTML comment syntax) without the spaces.
  • If you are seeing that comment displayed, it's usually because there is something that is exiting the script prematurely. Do you have errors turned on and are you able to view source to see if there are any PHP errors being displayed.
  • Hi! Nah, I just switched on the logs to check there was nothing loging in the codeigniter logs.
    Any debug/loging hints?
  • If you use the fuel_var method, it will automatically put in that comment which is used for the front end inline editing. A way around that is to simply just use $page_active_top_menu.
  • Ohh, Awesome! worked like charm.
  • admin you are really good

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