How to upgrade from 1.3.2 to 1.4
  • Your instructions to upgrade are much too vague.
    Yet there is nowhere else I can find instructions to upgrade...

    How exactly do I upgrade to 1.4?

    What files do I need to replace, tables do I change, ect...?

    Running "php index.php fuel/installer/update" from current install does absolutely nothing.

    Trying to replace the /fuel/modules/fuel folder just throws errors - so I am guessing I need to install 1.4 first, just not sure what to replace and what to keep.

  • I've made a few updates to the documentation to help clarify a couple things:
  • Following your instructions gives me THOUSANDS of conflicts, this seems like a terrible way to upgrade IMHO.
  • I have modified maybe 10 files of the actual foundation of FuelCMS. These conflicts are conflicts within your code - Is there not a better way to upgrade??
  • For Reference Here are the steps I am taking:
    1. Create New Git Repo
    2. Copy Current FuelCMS 1.3.2 installation files to that repo & Commit.
    3. Create new branch (fuelupdate)
    4. Link remote FuelCMS 1.4 master branch to fuelupdate branch (1.3.2)
    5. Attempt a pull/merge & thousands of conflicts arise.

  • What folder were your changes made?
  • /assets/

    No core changes.

    I ended up just moving over the files to a new installation and fixed the issue.

    Thank you.
  • Thank you for sharing that, this is very helpful for me

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