filter cyrillic text
  • Hi,

    there is a very useful thing in models - filter:

    public $filters = array ('name'); // filters to apply to when searching for items

    But unfortunately this filter does not work with cyrillic text, is there a way to fix this?

  • The logic for that is mostly in the Base_module_model::_list_items_query() method... so you would need to probably debug the issue further in there.
  • Thanks for a hint,

    it looks like the problem is in this method аnd this is due to the encoding, also possible that this problem is related to server settings...

    Eventually, after some unsuccessful attempts to change encoding through PHP, I've discard all changes in this method and at the next day it began to work as expected.

    I understand, it sounds strange, but now the filter works with Cyrillic text.

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