Using dependent field
  • Hi!
    I am working with the "dependent" field type using two models: categories and subcategories. It is working fine except but an js error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null at custom_fields.js?c=1303.

    If the multiple attribute is set to TRUE, the error dissapears. But for my purpose i need it setted to FALSE. Any suggestions? THanks!
  • Does it say what line in the console? Also, what version of FUEL are you running (fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_constants.php)?
  • Yes, custom_fields.js line 1303. I am using fuel 1.2.1

  • Was solved upgrading to fuel 1.3 but still is having an issue with the behavior: when i clicked on the dependent field (subcategories), this is triggering the ajax call.
    This call would be made only from the dependent_on field ( categories).
    I solved this putting a js script returning false on the "change" event. But I think the original behavior would not need this little hack. Thank you!

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