image asset management via database
  • Hi ive had an idea to have images stored in the database with relevant alt and title tags.
    I currently want to be able to use the same library calls so it can be used without having to re-code loads of controllers, models. So the only way i can see to do this is by extending the following classes
    Upload, Asset, Formbuilder could you please advice on any classes i may of missed or is there a better way to do this. I also need to be able to store and view the images in the control panel with the alt tags and tiles being editable.
  • Most of that work happens here:
    fuel/controllers/assets.php (could change the route for this to be your own controller)
    fuel/libraries/Fuel_assets.php (could create your own class and use FUEL()->attach('assets', $my_asset_obj_instance);
    fuel/models/fuel_assets_model.php (you could use module_overwrites to point to a different model entirely
  • OK cheers will investigate more
  • Could all the above be done in a seperate module and how do i change the route for fuel/controllers/assets.php to be my own controller
  • You could definitely create your own advanced module. In your advanced module, you can create a fuel/{module}/config/{module}_routes.php file that has the routes you want including one that can overwrite the fuel/controller/assets route (advanced module routes get loaded before the fuel routes in the fuel/modules/fuel/config/fuel_routes.php file)

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