Can Fuel be something for my site
  • Hello,

    I have this site (
    Can I make this site in Fuel.

    For me it's most important that I can decide per page how many articles are on that page.
    At this moment the decision of number of articles on a page is based on month, year and pagenumber.

  • In short, I would say yes. You could use something like relationships in the 1.0 beta to make associations between articles and pages in the CMS.
  • Thanks,
    But I cannot find the info about articles and pages on the link you gave me,

  • FUEL doesn't really have an articles and pages difference. You can create pages, which have predefined layout fields you fill out in the CMS. Or there are modules that are usually wrappers around database tables that provide managementIt of data with those tables. There is a blog advanced module (a module that contains other modules) that can be installed which has posts. To install, download the files from here and follow the installation directions on that page:

    I would also recommend reading the 1.0 User Guide which can be downloaded and installed here:

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